At Flingah we pride ourselves on providing a simple, user-friendly and affordable SMS marketing tool.


Flingah was founded in 2010 to offer an alternative way for New Zealand businesses to get more leads from their advertising.  We orchestrated a team of developers, designers and marketers to develop custom software to be the simplest self-manageable SMS marketing tool in the country!

Our goal was to build an online tool that was easy to use, cheap to run and most importantly, completely manageable by our customers.  Flingah will instantly enhance your advertising spend, create immediate leads, measure the success of your campaigns and ensure that you never lose a marketing opportunity again.

Like Flingah, we like to keep everything super simple – there are no hidden costs or lengthy contracts to fill out and it takes just seconds to sign up, choose a keyword and start using SMS for your business.

Our Auckland based team is small but mighty.  We understand people sometimes need a little guidance or advice, so we make it easy with non-technical language, user friendly support and proactive industry tips.

We are positive that you will be 100% satisfied and impressed after using Flingah.  But don’t take our word for it, check out a few of our Customer success stories and the good things they have to say about us.

If you would like to contact the team at Flingah, you can do so by texting SUPPORT to 9090 with your message, or email us and we will get back to you.

The Flingah Team