• 7 Cutting-Edge Features In 1 Easy Online Platform

Great Value

Our Flingah packages include a great range of features, at an affordable and competitive price.

Expert Support

Our team of SMS experts are there to help you get the most out of text marketing.

Fast and Simple

Our software has been specifically designed for Kiwi businesses in mind. We understand the importance of speed and easy to use software.

Market Leading Technology

We are fast, nimble and clever in the SMS industry. We pride ourselves on ongoing innovations and ground breaking new techniques.

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Easily create an SMS campaign in seconds with our online builder.

One solution for all your text (SMS) marketing needs. The Flingah online admin provides a number of independent campaign options for you to use as you see fit: text for information, text competition, text survey, send a text voucher and much more.

Send information in an instant

With Text-4-Info you can send information in an instant! When a person texts your keyword to 9090, the reply contains your info! The possibilities are endless; create an SMS business card, send a link or send them a PDF directly to their email.

Generate new sales using Leads

Keep yourself up to date and never lose a lead again! Once a potential customer has text your keyword to 9090, easily manage and organise the leads. The perfect system for upping your sales and staying on top.

Create a simple text survey

Survey in seconds. The survey feature allows you to collect instant information on a topic by asking your customers to vote on selected questions. Create a snapshot of feedback and see what your customers are thinking.

Launch a competition in seconds

Create a competition when you want people to answer a question correctly by texting in. You can generate as many winners as you would like, all whilst increasing your database at the same time! It’s as easy as that!

Grow a database by using a draw

Draws made easy! Create a draw when you want to do a prize giveaway. A simple tool to increase the size of your audience and gather more information about them at the same time.

Two-way text messaging

Chat to your customers via text. You already have phone, email and website covered – now allow customers the ease of contacting you via text. Use this to take bookings and answer queries instantly.

Send text vouchers and redemption codes

Create text vouchers in seconds! The newest, fastest and most effective way to offer your customers deals. Send customers vouchers directly to their pockets, also giving them the easiest way to redeem an offer!

Send bulk messages

Unlike email, approximately 95% of text messages are read within three minutes of delivery, providing a more effective way to communicate with customers, clients, or staff.


Using our quick search keyword search tool, we give your complete control to search and secure any keywords that you might need for your campaigns.


We have included all the possible tools you may need – export your data to .csv, export your report graphs as an image, or simple link the system to another cloud app.


When it comes to understanding how your text messaging campaigns are doing, we’ve definitely got you sorted! Our online reports track the success of not only your overall campaigns, but each individual campaign you have set up. Even better, you can download these reports to dive deeper and export all databases at a click of a button.


We offer expert technical support and even better marketing support. Our friendly team is on hand ready to help you at a click of a button.


Our system is ready to integrate with any system you may be currently using, or wish to use. Talk to our tech team about the different options available that can be easily activated.

Help Gudies

We are experts at SMS marketing, well after years of running successful SMS marketing campaigns for our customers we have given ourselves that title.

Expert Advice

We are a New Zealand company and understand the Kiwi way, our local based SMS business experts in the local environment and available to help you – no task is too big or too small.


We understand the importance of giving our customers the best tools to make a success, but also the best training in the business! One-on-one, phone conference, Skype, you name it and our team are happy to help you with a personalised walk through.


The database is the core of our system. Flingah allows you to create, manages, slice and dice and grow a customer database by using SMS.

Bulk Text Send Out

Unlike others in the industry, we understand learning and doing something completely new like sending a bulk text campaign to thousands of people can be an extreme challenge. Our solution? We do everything for you at no extra cost until you are comfortable doing it yourself.

Flexible Pricing

Our pricing is easy to understand with no lock-in tactics, we don’t hide any nasty surprises and everything is crystal clear. We are flexible with what works best for you; monthly or yearly, by credit card or invoice? Talk to one of our friendly team to work out your own pricing method.

Export to Excel

Select the fields and export any list in your account straight to Excel for offline storage and further analysis. This feature is perfect for slicing, dicing and uploading your customer databases to other services or internal CRM systems.

Mobile Landing Pages

We can create and build you a mobile landing page to enhance your campaign ever more! Send your customers to a mobile friendly landing page to capture more details or read more information. Get in touch with your Flingah account manager to see what’s involved.

One-on-one Training

We have been in the SMS industry for over 10 years, we understand that you may have been involved for only 10 minutes. To get the most out out your Flingah system we offer free 1-on-1 training a advice. This can either be done over the phone, or video conference.

Agency Account Manager

We support unlimited teams and team sizes, each with flexible levels of permissions and full workflow control that makes it easy for companies of all shapes and sizes to collaborate on their SMS marketing. Whether you’re part of a team doing in-house marketing, work for multiple clients, or have clients that want to get their own hands dirty, our flexible user management has you covered.

A/B Measure Testing

In today’s world results have never been more important to get and also understand! With our Measure feature you are able to test what keyword or campaign works the best for your objectives. Was the ad in the paper more effective than the radio ad? No more guessing with Flinagh’s measure tool.

Advance Data Collection

Our system has been cleverly designed to capture all the available data from Vodafone, Spark and 2Degrees and display it in a quick, simple layout for you. Who texted? When did they text? What’s their number? How many times? Is all captured in an instant and available to you.

Web-based Simple Solution

You don’t need to be a technical expert to create and launch a SMS campaign. Our goal is to provide the easiest service for all users and specifically with Kiwi businesses in mind. Our SMS platform doesn’t require any technical skills! With detailed tutorials and a team of experts ready to answer your questions, we are available to help you every step of the way.

Inbound Text Marketing

We are New Zealand’s experts at inbound text messaging. We specialise in creating and growing your databases and have created handy campaign tools for you to manage any inbound campaign you need to build.

Launch a campaign in seconds

We are New Zealand’s experts at inbound text messaging. We specialise in creating and growing your databases and have created handy campaign tools for you to manage any inbound campaign you need to build.

Instant Real-time responses

Like Flingah, we like everything to happen instantly, so just like your bounce back message being sent back in an instant – your text requests reports (people texting your keyword) should be in your admin area instantly too.

Access to New Features

We pride ourselves on forever pushing the boundaries with SMS marketing. We are updating our software, features and knowledge base weekly forever growing our benefit to you keeping you at the top of the game!

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