• Leads

    Lead management tool that simplifies the sales process using SMS.

    See it in action: text leads to 9090

Create your Leads Campaign

Choose a keyword from your Flingah dashboard, assign it to Leads and let us do the rest. You are able to manage all incoming leads using our SMS incoming lead manager.

Spread your word!

Add your Flingah keyword to any material or media, give people a reason to text and a straight forward instruction to text your keyword to 9090. Simple as that!

Potential Customers Interact

Flingah sends an immediate response to a new business request which is convenient for you and your customers. You can change the bounce back message at any time, and manage the leads coming through to ensure you never miss another lead again.

Start Winning

We capture all the key information you may need to know automatically! What time did they text? Who texted? What’s their mobile number? How many times did they text? What did the bounce back say? Then, we give you the tools to give each response a status.