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What are the main differences between the packages?

Simply put, the main difference is access to the different Flingah sms campaign features. Each package comes with free keywords, so the recommended package of $69 per month comes with two free keywords.

What is a keyword and how much do they cost?

A keyword is what your customers text to active your campaign. You are able to search and use the keyword which best fits your campaign from your admin panel. Each keyword is only $5 per month, however every package comes with a certain number of free keywords loaded.

What does the free trail include?

We give you access to Flingah to try out a feature for 7 days, no credit card needed. Just upload a few details to create your free account and have a quick look around.

How much does each text cost me?

Nothing! The only thing you pay for is your monthly access to the software. Every time someone texts your keyword, it costs you zip, zap, zipparoo.