• Text 4 Info

    See it in action: text information to 9090

Create your Text-4-Info Campaign In Seconds

Flingah makes it easy to choose and select the best SMS keyword for your campaign directly from your admin panel. With a couple of clicks you can create a Text-4-Info campaign, write your bounce back and spread your word.

Spread your word!

Add your Flingah keyword to any material or media, give people a reason to text and a straight forward instruction to text your keyword to 9090. Simple as that!

Information sent back instantly

Flingah enhances your marketing by creating an immediate response to a request which is convenient for you and your customers. You can change the campaign set up at any time, and monitor the success of your campaign using our advance reporting tools.

Beautiful Reporting and Analytics

We capture all the key information you may need to know automatically! What time did they text? Who texted? What’s their mobile number? How many times did they text? What did the bounce back say? Then, we let you slice, dice and refine all this data into pretty graphs and charts, or you are able to export this information with a click of a button.

Give Text 4 Info a whirl and try it out for free

Example Uses for Text 4 Info

This feature has endless uses and can be adapted to meet multiple objectives.

Real Estate Agents

Send a PDF directly to interested buyers inboxes, all whilst collecting their details to follow them up with ease. Add images into your bounce back and send back information in an instant.

SMS Business Card

When someone texts your keyword, instantly send back your details. Perfect for networking or those times when you don’t have a business card handy.

Download Mobile Apps

Get your mobile app onto customer’s phones faster! Save the time trying to download it from a crowed app store, send back the link in the Flingah bounce back.

Sports Teams

Sick of calling the entire team list to say the game has been postponed? Simply get everyone to text the team’s keyword and they get the instant update sent straight to their pocket.